Mission Statement

My Qualifications: I have extensive knowledge in the following; criminal linguistics, hand to hand combat, identity theft, slide of the hand con artists, prostitution, drug addiction and distribution, counterfeiting (checks, money, documents, ID’s etc.), home invasions, criminal traffic stops, weapon chains, drug chains, human trafficking, animal trafficking, gathering and countering intelligence, tracking across international boarders, setting and breaking perimeters, arsenals (Guns (attack and defense), explosives (compositions), and cyber-gates), extractions (homes, buildings, cities and countries) and interrogations.

History & Bio

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Anthony Kenshiro Mayhew, AKA Mr. Kenshiro is a notorious Japanese American Yakuza. He is recognized as one of the worlds leading experts on crime and crime prevention. He has appeared on FOX, CBS, and NBC News. Homeless at age fifteen, hitman by age eighteen and is currently a criminal contractor. He has been incarcerated over thirty-five times. Latest criminal case on record was in 2009. A man tried to shoot Mr. Kenshiro from an apartment balcony. Mr. Kenshiro went unarmed into the mans apartment. He pulled the man out into the apartment hallway then brutally beat him. Mr. Kenshiro was charged with second degree burglary and assault. That case was later dismissed. Mr. Kenshiro has been charged with dozens of violent crimes (hate crimes, aggravated assaults, aggravated burglaries, aggravated kidnappings)but has never been linked to a homicide. He has never been sentenced to a U.S. prison. 100% of his alleged victims have criminal records. "I prevent violent crimes from bleeding off into the civil world...let the Criminal Underworld be my domain for the Criminal Code is my Holy Bible." 2011,Interview by:afjmedia.com
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